Tai Chi, Kung Fu and meditation retreat with Alessio

We had the pleasure of welcoming Alessio to Qi Hotel & Club, where he participated in our Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Meditation sessions. We took the opportunity to have a chat with him about his experience at Qi, how he got into meditation, and his recommendations on things to do in Borneo.

Qi: Tell us a bit about yourself...

Alessio: I was born in Bergamo in 1980. I started practicing martial arts with Lenhua Cientao in 1997. Few years later, I decided to practice yoga with a great master in order to increase my skills in martial arts. After high school I got a full time job in a tattoo studio as a piercer but I quit years later to follow a new passion: Chinese Medicine. I got my diploma in Tuina and Qigong, and in 2008 I started my own business as a Tuina Therapist. In 2015, I moved from my hometown to the Dolomites in South Tyrol to work as masseur in a Spa hotel. Unfortunately, for this reason I had to leave my Lenhua Cientao class to a colleague of mine, after thirteen years of teaching. Currently I live in Gargnano BS (Garda Lake) and I do work in Lefay Resort and Spa as Senior Therapist.

Qi: Is this your first time in Kota Kinabalu?

Alessio: It is my second time in Kota Kinabalu.

Qi: Top three favourite cities/places in the world?

Alessio: Unfortunately I've not travelled very much so far, and except for Malaysia I've only visited European cities and countries. Anyway I like the Swiss Alps and Dolomites equally, where I've enjoyed motorcycling, climbing and hiking. I love Greece and its beautiful islands, wonderful landscapes, good food and nice weather. In Barcelona I had a great time and the craziest holiday of my life...but the city I like the most is KK of course!! :)

Qi: How did you get into Tai Chi and meditation?

Alessio: To get into meditation for me was a step by step process that started when I was a beginner in Lenhua Cientao Kung fu. At that time I met inspiring masters who helped me to find my own way of practicing, but I think that everything started during my very first Kung Fu lesson. When I entered the gym, no one was there, except for the master sitting in silent meditation. That was totally fascinating to me, because it was clear that all his strength and power he showed me later on during the lesson was achieved not only by physical body training. That's why I became so interested to practice meditation and qigong, to explore something subtle and yet unknown.

Qi: What is your favourite aspect about meditation?

Alessio: Everyone's life, from birth to death, is full of events that make us prey to unbearable emotions. If we let them grow, without comprehension and knowledge, we'll be completely overwhelmed, no matter how strong we are. Whatever emotion we are drowning in, it will be one of our biggest limits and a great source of suffering as well, as if we were in chains. That's my favourite aspect about meditation: to get my chance to achieve inner and total freedom through practicing and understanding.

Qi: What do you think about Qi Hotel & Club and your time spent with the founder of Lenhua Cientao (Maestro Wee Lian)?

Alessio: Qi Hotel & Club is a really unique place. Basically furnished in zen style, it is accurately decorated and adorned with many details at the same time. It is a very relaxing place, quiet, tidy and always clean. The time i spent there with the founder of Lenhua Cientao was intense and stimulating. I totally enjoyed the meditation sessions, the martial arts training, all the meals and the conversations we had together, since I always feel well connected to him.

Qi: Your recommendations on things to do in Borneo?

Alessio: There are plenty of things to do and places to visit in Borneo. I travelled just in Sabah and I recommend all of it: Kota Kinabalu and its close islands, Kudat and the tip of Borneo, Sepilok and Orangutans, Labuk bay Proboscis monkeys sanctuary, Kinabatangan river cruise, Semporna and its beautiful islands...and yet many things still remain to do...

Qi: What makes you happy?

Alessio: First of all I have to say that once, i was definitely not happy at all, and now i know the reason very well. I was a kind of a rebel anarchist teen always in conflict with everything and everyone. And because of that, I was full of anguish, fears and repressed feelings as if I was blowing up at any moment. But thanks to that period, now I have no more doubts. Stop to be in conflict! Stop judging and struggling! Harmonize yourself with the actual condition you are living in, whatever it is, it is your very reality and you need to integrate with that without frictions. It is all about perception. Be just relaxed and present and you will obtain happiness beyond conditioning...and you will really make the difference!!!;)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience with us Alessio! We hope to see you at Qi Hotel and Club again soon :)

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